Collection functions allow you to construct Java Lists, Maps or Sets. These functions often take the form of a higher-order function, where the inner function definitions are called to determine the size of the collection, the individual values to be added, etc.


  • long -> HashedLineToStringList(String: filename, int: minSize, int: maxSize) -> java.util.List


Return a pseudo-randomly created Set from the values in the specified file.

  • long -> HashedLineToStringSet(String: filename, int: minSize, int: maxSize) -> java.util.Set
    • ex: HashedLineToStringSet('data/variable_words.txt',2,10) - Create a set of words sized between 2 and 10 elements


Create a String-String map from the specified file, ranging in size from 0 to the specified maximum.

  • long -> HashedLineToStringStringMap(String: paramFile, int: maxSize) -> java.util.Map


Create a list of longs.

  • long -> HashedRangeToLongList(int: minVal, int: maxVal, int: minSize, int: maxSize) -> java.util.List